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Our Company at a Glance

Our commitment to your success begins long before and extends long after you purchase a communications system from Telelink.

The State of California, many Law Enforcement Agencies, and Federal Government Offices are customers of Telelink and manufactures such as NEC, Northern Telecom, Toshiba, Avaya, and Panasonic are represented.  The company's significant growth has been achieved through commitment and continuous achievements in customer satisfaction.  Notable clients include The Sacramento Business Journal, William Glen, Naturewood Home Furnishings, Pacific Kiewit, Oregon-Pacific Building products, Information Research, California Highway Patrol 911 Centers, and Santa Fe Pacific Pipe Lines. 

Telelink believes that the most important phase of any design and investment in a communications system is the time our people spend listening and understanding your concerns and requirements.  Systems are engineered to provide solutions tailored to meet your intended needs.  Telelink will present you with a customized and uniquely tailored system that will suit your needs today and as your company changes and grows in to the future.  Telelink prides itself in installing only the highest quality, state of the art, data and voice communications equipment.  Our product selections offer you diverse choices such as Sprint, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba and Avaya to improve your company's productivity.  Whether it's a single line telephone, digital key phones, and voice over IP telephony, simultaneous data and voice switching or T-1 and internet connections, Telelink Communications will provide you with the technology your company requires to stay on top in today's competitive business climate. 

TeleLink Communications Business Phone Systems

Since its inception in 1983, Telelink Communications has grown from an idea to a multiregional interconnect company with over five thousand customers throughout the West Coast and Sacramento.  Telelink Communications is one of the most respected telecommunications installation and service firms in the Western United States. We are not in business to just sell telephones; We would like to be your communications specialist.  Telelink's employees have built a reputation for being detail oriented, innovative, and consistently pushing the technology barrier. . 

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