TeleLink Sales Department


TeleLink's sales department is comprised of the most experienced and highly trained telecommunications specialists in the Sacramento area. With over 100 years of combined practical experience, you will receive the finest in telephone network design, installation and follow through available in the market. TeleLink’s sales department is thoroughly trained in all aspects of telephony including system programming, feature use and many of AT&T, Comast & multiple CLEC'S network services allowing solid recommendations based on experience.


TeleLink Technical Support

TeleLink maintains a wealth of quality manufacturer trained and certified technicians to keep your phone system operating at its peak performance level. We are confident that our 35 plus years of communications experience will enable TeleLink to satisfy your needs and allow us to add your organization's name to our list of satisfied customers.

Voice/Data Cabling Services  

 With today's vast communication requirements for both voice and data, it becomes necessary to partner with a vendor who is well versed in all aspects of wiring and connectivity solutions. TeleLink provides this expertise to you, our customer

TeleLink can connect multiple offices via digital data lines across town or around the world. Many of these Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks are supported through dedicated or switched services provided from every major long distance carrier.

TeleLink provides design services as well as installation and support of such hardware as CSU / DSU’s, T-1 Channel Banks, Multiplexers and Voice Over the Internet (VOIP) Gateways. These products represent some of the best names and most reliable equipment available today: TeleLink will provide you with many references in the Sacramento area of satisfied customers utilizing professionally installed fiber optic cabling, CAT 6 data cabling as well as any special wiring/cabling needs you may have.

At TeleLink we realize that our products, service and support must be superior in all aspects for us to remain the leader in this industry. TeleLink offers an unprecedented 2-year warranty on all of our equipment which is testament to the quality of our NEC systems.  The industry standard is usually only one-year. Our commitment to our customers is simple. TeleLink will:

* Provide you with the highest quality and most reliable telecommunications products available.
* Install your system efficiently and neatly utilizing only TeleLink employees.
* Train your staff to utilize the features and functions of the system with emphasis on time-saving

* Respond quickly to all service requirements with a 1 hour response on critical problems
* Assist in examining all voice and data communications needs.

Call now to find out how: 916.782.5454